04xr650l new ims tank stock petcock?

will the stock petcock work in the ims 4.0 tank?


I dont know about the IMS, But I do know that the stock petcock will work on a Clarke brand tank..For a 06 XR 650L

On your petcock is there a nut that threads onto the stock tank? I am having difficulty removing this nut, any advice?

i have the ims 4.0 gal tank on my 06 xrl650 and the stock petcock fits just fine... as far as getting the nut off just get a good fitting wrench on it and hope for the best, maybe a little penetrating oil if its really screwing with you.

i might be missing something because i have the petcock off the stock tank and all i have on the ims tank is a hole and two screw holes were the petcock goes . the nut doesnt seem like it comes off the petcock?

It sounds like you have the one for the XR600. You can get an XR600 petcock or get the adapter from IMS.

The IMS tank should come with a hardware kit to install the stock petcock into the new IMS tank.:cheers:

I put a IMS 4.something tank on my 600 last week.

I reused the stock tank's petcock on the IMs tank.

The screws holding the petcock to the stock tank were a bugger. I cranked on one hard and the brass mounting thing spun in the plastic. I ended up having to rip it out. (The tank may not be ruined, I may epoxy it or plastic weld it back in...)

The stock petcock did not seal to the IMS tank. At all. Zero. It was a mess. After spilling gas all over me, the bike, and the garage, I used some silicon (RGV?) sealant to improve the sealing surface. It worked and even in 20 degree temps there is no leak.

Granted, you may be more mechanically inclined than I am (I am mostly an idiot) or luckier, and get everything to work well. Good luck.

By the way, I got my tank used (no install kit) for $75 from a nice TTer.


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