I have a '05 rmz450 and was thinking of getting the '06yz450.

Anyone make that switch?

How does the yz feel and compare?

Does the yz feel cramped?The reason I ask is I am6'7" 230lbs

Thanks you for your help.

We wen't from an 06 RMZ-450 to a 07 YZ-450. In my opinion the YZ is a much better bike. I am only 5'9' so do not know how it would feel to you but think you would be very happy with it. The YZ feels lighter on the track and the suspension is much better, the RMZ had a spike in the shock we could never get rid of and seemed like it threw us off a bit more than we liked it to. We did not run the motor stock on the RMZ for long as it did not seem to run with the other bikes like the 06 YZ we rode. Also the Zook seemed to feel old sooner than most bikes I have owned and some of the fasteners were not up to par.

You’re posting this in the YZ forum... That's like asking a porn addict what he likes to do on this days off...

You’re posting this in the YZ forum... That's like asking a porn addict what he likes to do on this days off...

That explains it.


I have an '05 RMZ and an '06 YZ, I like both of them but the YZ is just a wee bit better. Actually the suspension is a whole lot better on the YZ. But I still like the RMZ as well.

I Just switched to a 07 YZ from a 06 RMZ. My experience so far is as follows. The YZ hits harder. The RMZ power seemed more electric(for lack of better over used Analogy) After a couple years on RMZ's (05 then 06) the YZ power is almost two stroke like compared to the RMZ. The five speed transmission I would suspect has a lot to do with this feeling. Once I get used to the YZ's motor I think I will like it even more than the RMZ. Handling wise is where the Suzuki really shines with a little tweaking the RMZ can be made almost perfect. I need more time on the YZ changing suspension settings, but out of the box the RMZ was much better. I have just ordered offset triple clamps to try to quicken the YZ up a little. If anybody has experience with changing the clamps, I would like to hear what type of difference it made for you. I have been told you turn a Suzuki with the front wheel and a Yamaha with the rear wheel. I almost get that feeling with the stock YZ.

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