Just a question...

I was curious how much have you guys paid (if you have at all yet) for a motor rebuild (basic one) on your xr600r's? Just a guestimate on how much it would usually be... Im not doing one but it was on my mind just now heh... thanks

"motor rebuild" i to vague to answer dude!

rings and a hone = cheap.........

the whole top and bottom end would cost 2x what buying a good used bike would....................

Top end rebuild then...

xr600r. sleeve, 100mm piston, hardweld mid cam, hardweld rockers, valves, springs, seats cut, gaskets, misc. doing tear down/ assembly myself. $1500.00. wow. kinda snowballed on me. fun though. it is an 86 and everything was still in specs. not bad after 20 years of thumpin. this dinasour moves pretty good.

you should be able to get quality top end parts for around a grand! :cheers:

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