New tank -- Clark, IMS, or OEM

There is a new YZ tank in the future for the Blue beast this Christmas. Should I use OEM or are the Clark and IMS tanks just as good a product when it comes to fit and looks. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !!!!!!!! Thanks for everything this year, your help and support has been invaluable.



I suggest doing a search on this topic on the WR and YZ forums. Many people have expressed their opinions and it would give a good flavor for the pros and cons of each tank.

I have the Ty Davis tank (made by IMS) and really like it but it does hang down low. I also have a stock YZ tank. Its good for mx and short rides. IMS and Clarke are also both good. Watch out for the restocking fee on Clarke if you send it back. Also, if you are going from the stock wr tank, you're also going to need a new seat. I would search on this topic also.

Merry Christmas,


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I will have to check into the color issue with clark tank, I was thinking of ordering the stock YZ style tank in blue for running on one of our local MX tracks, and use the WR tank and seat for the long trail rides with the kids. The clark YZ tank with 3.3Gal capacity looks just as hard to slide up on the tank as the WR tank and seat combo... is this true? I did notice your using a OEM YZ tank and ordered a Acerbis tank. Did you do this for more capacity or is there another issue? Also, Kevin if it is possible when you get your new tank installed could you send me a picture..... that would be great if you can. I cannot find a picture of the Acerbis tank anywhere so far. I thought of seaching older posts for some opinions, but with new tanks being released all the time I wanted the latest info.....SORRY. Thanks for eveyones help!!!!

Pete :)

I just recently got the Clarke tank and seat combo for my 99 WR. It's not as flat as a stock YZ seat and tank but it beats the stock WR seat/tank hands down. The "sweet spot" of the seat is 3-4 inches closer to the steering head than the stock setup. That makes quite a difference in handling. The front end is much more planted now and I can turn much more aggressively. I highly recommend it and you don't lose any fuel capacaity with the tank either.

I got the "natural" color tank so I can see how much fuel I have at all times.

Clarke DOES offer stock cpacity YZ tank in YELLOW, if you want to go with the retro YZ look!!


ANY aftermarket tank will use the YZ seat. You will have a far superior ergo to deal with, regardless of manufacturer.

I went w/ ah-chair-beez due to the price, <$100.00, postage paid, out the door. The ACERBIS uses dual petcocks, one on each side of the frame backbone. If I had to order over again, I WOULD go w/ white. It works better if I want retro YZ yellow. Natural tends to yellow over time due to the petrol in the tank. I have seen white do this also. My CR Honda's white tank never looked yellow in the 5 years I owned it.

The WR ergo's are so BAD :) I cannot stand slapping the WR seat/tank combo for the range, even for short runs, >20 miles.

The ah-chair-beez does have a square hump where the fuel cap is. this gives the tank the capacity, but will not lift the front tip of the seat any higher than it has to be. I don't THINK the IMS has this feature...???

Clarke has it's name emblazened into the plastic. No big deal to me, but I COULD NOT pass up the Acerbis @ $96.00.

I bought the IMS setup, which included the seat for $300.00. I don't do motocross that much, I'm a hare scrambler. But the IMS tank only uses one bolt (on the left side) instead of two.It also forces you to put the petcock on the right side of the bike facing inward. A true pain if you're in a hurry to switch from "on" to "reserve". So for racing hare scrambles I just start out in reserve. I know it has enough fuel to finish. As far as handling goes (moving forward)... I say it's better. For motocross I just fill it half full. I'm an intermediate rider, so the pro's might have a different opinion. Hope it helps.


I just bought an Acerbis tank ($105), shrouds ($40),and Graphics kit ($25). I decided to go with a One Industries YZ complete seat kit from I went with all blue plastic and the One Inds. seat had the Blue/Black seat with Technogrip cover. I wanted new shrouds so that I could keep the stock graphics in tact. If I ever sell the bike, I may want to keep the after market stuff for my next bike (WR-XXXF) :) I'll let you all know how it goes on the handling. I've read so many posts on this upgrade to improve handling that I had to give it a go! :D

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I guess I'm fooling nobody thinking of using the old seat and tank :) . Thanks for your input. Also, wr400f thanks for your also.


I wood love to see a picture of your bike when it is complete!!!!! Let me know. Kev, you also. A picture is worth a thousand words they say. :D



I'll try to get a few pictures posted when I get it all put on.

SFO: Reading the info on the DRN forum from your link above, it sounds like you have a serious power bike there. I'll have to keep the "Big Bore" kit in mind if I ever overhaul mine! :)

HEY SFO.....I especially like the invisable tank/seat combo.....Man thats RAD.....

Bonzai :)

Hey kaze...

I wish I was better with links and all...

I couldn't figure out how to make a direct one to the picture.

Sorry to make you wade through all the B.S.


Where do you get an Acerbis/UH-CHAIR-BEE tank for $105?

Right here:

It will list it for a 1998/99 WR or YZ. This tank fit my 2000 WR-400 fine.

Make sure you get the "With Cap" tank. Your stock tank cap won't fit! This tank comes with a machined aluminum fitting that you attach to the top of the tank and it's threaded to fit the Acerbis tank cap. I rode my bike last Sat. for the first time with this tank and YZ type seat and now I can turn this beast on a dime. For the money, I don't think you can beat it. They are still advertising for $105.00! :):D

Originally posted by montanaWR250F:

Where do you get an Acerbis/UH-CHAIR-BEE tank for $105?

I think if you have a 250 you will need to get the 426 tank, which is like $220. They list the same part # for the yz250f as they do for the yz426f. Not sure about the wr250f, I was told for a wr400 it depends on the hot start button on which tank to use. For a wr400 if the hot start is located at carb you use the 426 tank ($220), if it is located by the frame you use the yz400 tank($105). I would just check with them first to see if it will fit or not. You will need a yz seat w/new tank. ~Hitman~

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go with the clarke stock yz size tank. the blue matches perfect, and it is an excellent fit. bob's cycle sells a SDG seat (entire unit, including seat gripper seat cover) for anround $75. very good deal and fit also. i got these for x-mas. haven't track tested them yet, but am certain they will be exactly what i was going for, cuz it is now identical to my buddies 98 yz400f.

clarke's tanks can be found at like or sumhtin. just use a search engine or perform a search here. you should come up with sumthin. good luck.

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