1st Annual Thanksgiving Speedway Invitational

Something a little different for us in the rural Tri State Area's of Az. Ca. And Nv. Speedway Racing. This is the 1st annual Thanksgiving Speedway Invitational. This event will be held on November 25th At the Avi Hotel and Casino's Event Center on the Arizona side of the River. There will be 5 past Speedway Champions and 6 Time Ice Racing Champion Charlie Venegas. :cheers:

This should be a fun event to attend, I used to go to Orange County Sppedway all the time. Nothing better than 0-60 in 3 seconds, with no brakes. :bonk:

I'll be going with my wife and kids, they have never seen a speedway bike. let alone watch them race, seeing that they have lived here most their lives.

Should be a fun evening for whole family.

Hope to see some fellow TT'ers there.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe :p

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