650 oil change

I dont have a manual, How much oil and what is the spec process for checking oil. pro honda 20-50 ok. Thank you in advance


I'm not sure how much oil your L takes (I have an R), but I'm know that it is somewhere around 2 quarts. I have changed them before, and for some reason I have the number 2.1 stuck in my head, but don't quote me. I always put 1.5 in my 650R and then top it off using the dipstick.

The proper procedure to check the oil.

1.) Fully warm the bike up. If you check the level when it is cold, you will overfill the motor and then lots of bad things can happen.

2.) Remove the dipstick and check it! I check the bike while it is level. I'm usually sitting on it since it was running to get it warm; I don't let it sit and idle, that's a waste of riding time.

Pro Honda oil is perfect for your L. I use HP4 20-50 with Moly, but for you, you probabaly want to use the HP4 w/o Moly. If you don't want to spend the bucks, GN4 will work well also, but it tends to "break down" faster than the HP4. I have had people tell me that their bikes shift better with the HP4, but I do not know from personal experience as I always use the HP4. Basically, any motorcycle specific oil is ok; however, car oils can be bad, as they may contain additives and detergents that may mess with your wet clutch. I have used diesel truck oils with success (Rotella T 5-40 synthetic) as these oils are no or low detergent oils like motorcycle oils. I use the Rotella in the winter since it is a little harder to kick the 650R over when it is only 10 degrees outside if it has 20-50 in it. I'm using a synthetic oil from Polaris for my snowmobile (turbocharged four stroke) that is a 0-40. I may also try that in the 650 this winter, but I need to investigate the oil for its detergent additives.

Got an 06 650l and mine takes 2.4 quarts to the fill line. You can only get a little over 1 three quarters a quart in at fist than u have to fire the beast up for a few minutes to get some in the crank case than top it off after you shut it down for a few minutes. Good luck and good riding:ride:


that was supposed to say FULL line and 1 and three quarters.


Thanks alot, good advice. Honda oil deffently makes bike shift better.

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