Clutch Perch

There isn't any reason that it won't!

Cool, thank you. My main concern was if the little lever would have enough throw to work the decompression mechanism. It looks like it would and I wanted to see if anyone has tried this and found it didn't work.

Thanks again!


The hotstart lever above doesn't work for the decompression. LOL

The throw and/or leverage ratio of the little hot start lever isn't sufficient to operate the decompression. Once I had it hooked up it felt like I was going to break something when trying to operate. On the bright side my KX250 now has a nice clutch lever.

Thanks for letting us know. Sorry you had to be the guinnie pig. I wudda dun the same.

Bummer, i was going to order that setep.....thanks though

It really is a nice lever that seems to be built with good quality. Fortunatly it came with a second piece that eliminated the hotstart so I was able to use it on my other bike. Oh well.

I used a CRF450 clutch perch, and used the hot start lever for my decompression.

I use an ASV lever unbreakable lever/hotstart for my decompression lever on my XR600 and it works fine.

Are they both combo perches?(2 levers on 1 perch)

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