Jetting with O2 sensor ?

Has anyone here been adjusting their carbs using o2 sensors to figure out how rich their motors are ?

If so where do you guys install the sensor ?

I find the "read the spark plug" rather untechnical and time consuming.

You will either have to have a bung welded in the pipe as close to the cylinder as possible to use a WEGO(wide-band exhaust gas oxygen) sensor or you will have to take it to a shop that has a dyno and use a sniffer that goes in the pipe. Of course with baffled pipes you will have to take the silencer off and that will cause it to run leaner than if you had the can on it. Thereby negating your results.

Plugs have been working since cavemen were airing it out. Good luck.




I have a WEGO sensor with meter and a logging software that I purchased for my Mustang but have not installed it yet.

It would be interesting to make weld the bung (nut) into the header and do some testing like idle, 1/4 throttle, 1/2 throttle and full.

Before I do it would be nice to here from someone that has done this.

Sounds like you have everything you need. I would find a reputable shop that can weld titanium alloy and go for it if that is what you want to do. I still feel reading the plugs and evaluating throttle response and decel will get you where you need to be. But you already have the expensive stuff out of the way. I am sure you will be able to jet spot on sooner.

On my Harley, I like the AFR(Air Fuel Ratio) to be in the low 14:1's for decent mileage in cruising RPM's and in the 13's for WOT. Of course I can tune for every scenario and throttle position due to fuel injection.

Good luck and tell us how it goes.

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