Advice on right side case.

Hello. The other day I was installing a Boyesen water pump cover and impeller kit on my '05 yz450. I had to take off the right side case, brake lever, and kick start. I also took off the clutch cover and springs. So long story short, I installed the water cover and impeller, bolted the right side case up, put the clutch springs and cover back on, reinstalled the brake lever and kickstart. Filled it up with new oil and engine ice. Started it up and sounded fine. No leaks around the water cover. :cheers: The next day I was putting some tools away and I noticed a copper washer and a small ball bearing about a 1/4 inch in diameter laying on the floor where my bike was. At first I thought it was the ball inside of the pushrod in the clutch. I took the cover and removed the springs and checked, but it was in there. Aaargh!!! This is driving me crazy. I've searched the manual to see if I can spot where a ball bearing would come from, but the only ball I can find is the pushrod ball. Does anyone have any idea where this part goes? I dont want to smoke my motor just because of a small missing part. Thanks in advance.

If you don't get any good answers and I'm pretty sure you will, go to and view the OEM parts that you removed and look for those items that were leftover. Also, if your garage is like mine and it's not spotless, think of the last little project that you did that might of contained those left over parts in it?

Great idea! I just looked at the kickstarter diagram and found it. Its the little ball that goes in the spring on the top of the kickstart.

Its part #21. Thanks for your help. Sometimes it takes an outside observer to point out the obvious. Really appreciate you looking into it for me. Your definatly gettin some gas from me.

Great idea! I just looked at the kickstarter diagram and found it. Its the little ball that goes in the spring on the top of the kickstart.
Why would you have taken that apart? Just curious.

I took my kickstarter apart and regreased it after it was difficult to rotate out. Now it works like new again. I think it is one of those areas that does not get enough grease from the factory, like the linkage and steering, and after 6 months of washing it starts to get dry.

Why would you have taken that apart? Just curious.

Theres a case bolt right under the kickstart lever that I couldnt get to with the kickstarter on. Instead of busting knuckles trying to get it off with the lever on, I just took it off. Seemed easier I guess.

The kick crank comes off the shaft with a single Allen bolt. The upper lever need not be removed from the lower section unless, like ethan, you need to service the pivot. Since the lower has to come off, it just saves time to remove the whole thing as a unit.

I didnt know.

<--- noob

At this point, I guess I could also point out that there was no need to remove any part of the clutch, or even to remove the clutch cover from the right crankcase cover (other than the bolts that pass through to the crankcase), in order to replace the impeller shaft. But I wouldn't want to rub it in, so perhaps I won't bring that up.

Yeah I realized that after I got all that crap off. Ive never taken the case apart, and was doing it myself. Well at least I know where that ball bearing goes. And thanks for not rubbing it in (to much).

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