Pipe Packing

:bonk: I repacked my White Bros.E-2 but it keeps blowing all the packing out this time in 3 rides it started getting loud again so I look it has like 1 little piece of packing left.Am I putting it on too loose or too tight :cheers::p HELP.THANKS Jeff

Dude get you some "race tools" silent sport packing and wrap that around the core of your E2 and then use nylon screen tape to keep it secure. The silent sport packing is long strings of material as opposed to bits of fiberglass packed together so it is less likely to break down and slip between the holes on the core.

I will have to try that thanks man.The fiber keeps breaking down and getting in my spark arrestor clogging it up.

Not only does it last longer but it is quieter as well!

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