Sweet looking '07!

I found pictures of a YZF 450 '07 that a local shop just got in, and the graphics is pretty damn sweet, but I cant figure out what they are! Some kind of Yamaha original special graphics? :cheers: I have checked all the '07 graphics and never seen these..

Gonne go check it out tomorrow, I'm still split in the decision of what bike to get for '07. Either the yami or kawasaki!

..One more thing, isn't there a link somewhere if you want to check out someones garage? It used to be below the avatar, searching the garage by the username is lame..




A Doug Henry variant. Nice.

A Doug Henry variant. Nice.

vickery motorsports out here in colo have their own graphic kits for the 07's that look like the doug henry replica. it is pretty sweet looking.

Nice. I'll take one.

Looks nice..throw an all black seat on it and it will be perfect.

Looks nice..throw an all black seat on it and it will be perfect.

Exactly! :cheers:

Apparently, this is a Yamaha original racing part graphic kit, and a matching seatcover is availible. The price for the kit with shroud graphics, fenders, airbox, fork guards and swingarm was really good, about the same price as any aftermarket shroud graphics ONLY here in Sweden.

The Yamaha frame guards and glideplate was also very trick looking, and reasonably priced.

ya i would like to know were they have those frame protectors

Thats what the old school 400's looked like. Looked like a 98..lol

Definitely good looking! Too bad that isn't available for -05 models too, or is it?

Greetings from Finland.

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