Suspension upgrade for an 81 XL500?

There used to be a company that built off-road chassis for 4-stroke engines back in the 80's (C&A? I don't remember). They also built dirt track frames. Is this company still around? Is there any other company that offers components for such a transformation? This bike has a White Bros. dirt track kit in it and runs so strong. If I could get 10-11 inches of travel, I'd be happy with that.

You may want to post this in the vintage forum too...


I would look for a XR600 rolling chassis, and retro-fit the older engine in the newer frame.


I am looking for some kind of rolling chassis. They are hard to find. Haven't had much luck "winning" on Ebay either! That's why I'm trying here. I do appreciate the feedback though.

Why not go with a front end off a 87 or newer cr250 or 125?They can be had cheap.

Sounds cool...I've got an 81 XL500 that needs some work whenever I get a little extra to see what your bike looks any pics?

Got a XL500, 1980 vintage that is all stock in really good condition. belongsto my neighbor and starts second kick most of the time and actually runs very good. stock 23 up front

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