swingarm bearings 650r

Has anyone changed theirs and what brand did you use? What about tricks to install so the needle bearings don't fall out and did the replacement come as a complete unit? thanx

I changed out my bearings last year in the summer using a set from Pivot Works. The stock bearings had finally given up the ghost (the swingarm and bearings on my '01 are off of my '00, long story). I went with the Pivot Works since the set was cheaper than the OEM bearings from Honda.

My bad.

I replaced all of the bearings again this spring with OEM Honda bearings since the Pivot Works bearings had already shit the bed.

I've never had a problem with the needles falling out. I just press them in slowly and make sure that they are already greased to keep everything in place. I used to have problems loosing needles on my KX500s, but Kawi's have much cheaper bearings than the Honda's. I would go through 2 sets of bearings a year on my KX's.

If it were me, I'd just go down to your local Honda dealer (or Service) and have them get you all the right OEM parts. It sure would have saved me some headaches if I'd just ponied up to do it right the first time.

How'd you take out the old bearings? thanx

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