Which "Model" Is the Stock XR650L Carb?

Hey Guys

This is kind of a double post, i apoligize, i am trying to get the #'s so i can order the parts before i head to work

I was on the Sudco site looking for some parts for my carb and dont know what "Model" it is in this list: http://sudco.com/diagram.html

Which model carb is the XR650L? there are a ton listed but i dont know which one mine is. Its a stock carb on an 06 650L.

The only #'s i see on it are VE86 BLA BLA BLA but nothing like that on the site. Any ideas?

p.s. i bought a spare carb to modify (to keep the stock one in case the smog nazis coming) and the slide on the spare one appears to be scored and scratched


Or get the part from Honda. I'm sure there are tons of OEM carbs that Sudco doesn't have.

Not sure what the model of the carb is. I have found a lot of conflicting info, its seems to me a "special" Honda PE series.

SUDCO part numbers

N424-26-XXX "For some Honda PE Series carbs. Sizes #35-#80." is the pilot jet and 99101-393-XXX "For all Honda VB, VD, and VE series carbs. Honda, Kawasaki, CV and CVK Series carbs. Some Honda PD and PE Series carbs. Main Air Jet for FCR. Sizes #90-#200 available." Is the main. These are the XRL's jets.

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