Give my bike's power a boost !!

Instead of spending thousands on a few HP, I'm going to hose my bike. And before everyone tells me what a mistake it is, save your breath. I've used it before and know how to work it. It helps to get the right system too.


Drilled out the other side of the petcock to get a fuel pickup point then bent up the hardline for longevity of the system. The fuel lines take the route they do to still allow access for the carb. (That's an electric fuel pump beside the bottle). Top mounting points weld to the top engine mount which I had to duplicate in steel.



"Control box" which is nothing more than where all the wires terminate and the solenoids sit at. It sits where the overflow bottle used to be. It now just dumps into my overflow box (which you can see under the carb in the first pict

The bike is a SM / street bike (WR/YZ 426) with my own wiring and lighting. I'm redoing the switch assbly to use the horn button as the trigger switch.

I'll get it all powdercoated this week then try it out. Just thought I'd share a couple of picts as it's going together.



Frigging sweet..... Stand it up in fifth and let the spray fly....:cheers:

Interesting....I hope that tranny is strong....:cheers:


Not if it's done right.

can you post some pics of it not so close so we can see how the whole thing looks?

That is awesome. I could use that on my lawnmower.

HELL YEA! I gotta get me one of them! Let us know how it turns out. You ought to run it on the dyno and see what your putting out. Nice work! :cheers:

Just curious why? Do you drag race or ride in the dunes?

The bike? I did my first SM race a couple of weeks ago. I'm hoping now that it's all street legal to ride it around alot, more than racing, but I will race it (SM) as much as I can. I'm definetly going to take the bike to the local dragstrip to see what it does.

I have a dedicated drag car too.

(I'll get some better pictures of it hopefully tonight. I tore it apart again to wire it up.)

:worthy:That is so freeking awesome:worthy:

So did you do this yourself? Looks like a nice tight job to me...

Thanks - I did it in my garage the past few days. It's actually a used kit I snagged on eBay for about half price. I did all the fab work myself, kinda my hobby more than either drag racing or bike riding.

How did it all work out?

nitrous on a dirt bike lol never seen that done before bet its a good laugh

not only is that a waste of may be THE MOST retarded thing I have ever seen.

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