Auxilary Fuel Tank-XR650L

Not interested in a huge fuel tank, but was 5 miles from making it to truck the other day.At one time I found an auxilary tank that was designed to fit the L that fits behind the headlight. Think it was Baja Designs, but can't find it on their site.

Anyone have any info about these. Work well? Fit well? Still available?

Thanks for the help


Acerbis makes a universal one that attaches to the triple clamps.

Thanks for the feedback. I saw that one, but was sure I'd seen a model specific one. Seemed like it'd be much easier than fabing my own brackets to re-mount headlamp, et. Know I saw one, can't remember where...

I myself did not want to run a huge tank! Wanted the flexibility of not being locked into 6 gal tank! The aux acerbis tank you are looking at will require taking of front fairing and getting rid of gauges and such. It does not just bolt on(the xr650l)! I solved my problem with going with a IMS 4 gal tank, which in my opinion is the sturdiest mounted aftermarket tank, and adding what I call fuel bags. I took a pair of HORN bags for a saddle that had 2 holder/coolers for bottles on one side, and a bag on the other, then adapted them as tank saddle bags. I can put up to 4 large camping fuel bottles in them, or 2 bottles one side, quart of oil and misc. on the other. However you decide, thus giving you versatility in what your ride is on that particular day. You can find the bags cheap on ebay. The fuel bottles can get pricey. The hole set up cost me about 40 bucks and 2 hours of my time to fit them right. Aux tank is 70-80 dollars with no versatility. Good luck!

So, you do have to remove gauges. Crap. Was afraid of that. Didn't really want to do that. I have considered the 4 gal as probably a good trade-off weight-wise with the extra gal vs. weight savings of plastic tank. Kinda an extra gallon for free, right?

To be honest, most riding I do factory tank is enough, but not all the time. In fact, if I had not forgotten my back-pack on a rest stop and had to double back 4 miles one way I'd have made it. Yeah, I know. F*ckin' idiot!! :cheers:

Thanks a million for the feedback Bum. Helps confirm what I was thinking.

Still love to find that aux unit I had seen before...

Again, thanks to Bum and all the frequent helpful posters on this site. Even though I've been a biker all my life, I've already learned alot from you guys about this XRL. Like most everyone else, I'll be further looking to squeeze a bit more oomph outta this baby. All this info in one place will go along way to helping me decide what I'll do.


Says for juice/water. Seal well enough for fuel?

Been soaked before, makes for a sh*tty ride home...

Starting to sound like should just throw a Coleman fuel cont in my pack if I'm worried. Don't like fuel on my back either but may be a viable alternative...

acerbis makes an auxilary tank that mounts on the rear fender also, it holds 1.6gal and looks like it would be pretty easy to mount/remove when needed...

My Maier 2 quart Jug says "GAS OR WATER SAFE" right on the bottle. It hasn't leaked yet.

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