06 650r plastic for 95 xr600r is it possible

woud like the newer tank and plastic is the swap possible if so exactly what is involved in the swap . any info would be appreciated. also where would be good place to buy these items

The front fender might interchange....

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Have seen someone swap a cr150(I think) plastic on the xr 600!Other than that i have not seen any other ppl swap their plastic!!I too am interested in swapping my xr6 plastic with some newer plastic!Hate the side boards...........

Another altanative couls be the a loop set for the xr 600.........


If you want to use the complete plastic (rear fender, sidepanels, tank, seat, etc...) you are going to have a lot of fabrication to do.

Also not sure how the drop down section on the left side of the 650R fuel tank would work on the 600R. That tank may not fit (i.e. clear the cylinder head). The 650R's left numberplate is also part of the airbox, which is of a completely different design than that of your 600R. That would be quite a trick to get that mounted and looking clean on the 600R.

I would either go with an A-Loop kit, or just sell your 600R and buy a used 2000 or 2001 650R. In the end, with all of the fabrication, you'd probably come out ahead by just buying a 650R.

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