Where Can I Check My Vin To See If I Bought A Stolen Bike?

hey, i traded my bike for another bike. tried selling the bike i traded for an someone told me that it was theirs stolen a couple weekened's ago. is there somewhere online where i can just type it in and see there, or what do i need to do?

Please, disregard this. I misunderstood your question.

no, i mean like, i have the number, but who do i call or what website do i got to type it in and they can run a search to see if its stolen or not?

no, i mean like, i have the number, but who do i call or what website do i got to type it in and they can run a search to see if its stolen or not?

Take the number to your local police department and have them run it through NCIC.

I would just try to sell to someone else. You could open yourself up to problems by coming forward to the police. It's sad to say but that is our system.

did you get a bill of sale? did it come with the title? if you have the title and its in your name and the numbers match, someone can claim its thier bike all day long till thier blue in the face but its your bike. otherwise, call the local pd, give them the vin and have them run it. if it turns up as stolen, it'll likely get taken away, give them the info of the people you got it from.

Any cop...

If this person is claiming it's his, then they should have proof of ownership or a police report claiming it was stolen. Tell em to go kick rocks if they don't. You could double check with the cops also for your peace of mind.

PM it to me and I'll run it.

Just a crazy thought, but it's possible he stole the bike and is wondering if it can be traced as such.

I have sold two bikes and have never been asked for the vin number for the buyer to check if it's legit. How many people actually check this when buying a second hand bike and not transfering titles?

I would find another buyer. I've seen this happen before, and it usually ends up being a dickhead kid trying to get a free or cheap bike. Especially with used rides that have had multiple owners, titles can get lost very easily.

sorry, didnt steal it. i was talking to the kids parents i traded with, they were telling me the kdi that was their when i made the trade(im guessing his sons friend) is the one emailing me, he said he use to ride it, and now thats its sold he's trying to get it back so he can ride it. the father said he likes to ride peoples bikes, trash them after a couple months, and just dump it on the owner agina and he's just mad, and that he's gone through almost all the kids in the neighborhood for using them like this. i am still calling the pd, and seeing what they say. the bike was stolen 7-8 years ago, but was returned to original owner they said.

sorry vecctster, im no thief, that would be ****** up.

Look,if it was his bike and it was stolen,wouldn't he have had the cops called by now? I sure would have.........I would not by a bike without a title or at the absolute least a bill of sale with a photocopy of a picture id of the seller.

Definitely check with the police to make sure the bike's not hot. You don't have to tell them that it's in your possession if you're concerned about getting in trouble. I would still get a bill of sale from the people you got it from, just in case you decide to sell it later and the new buyer wants to make sure everything's legit. Besides easing your concience, if you do make sure the bike's clean, if it ever gets stolen from you, you won't get any nasty unexpected surprises when you do contact law enforcement then. p.s. Kudos to you for sticking to your principles:thumbsup:

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