newby question

Is it normal for the header on my 02 WR426 to glow red while it is warming up. I noticed it when it was ideling and the cold start button was out?

Also, do these darn things get easier to start with experience?

Lastly, Do the different freebee mods on here really help out? Honestly I was not that impressed with the power of my bike.

Remember, be nice. I have not ridden in years.

You know, I have never noticed that my header glows red on my 2001 WR, but I close my cold start button the minute I kick the bike over and then let it idle a few minutes before riding.

Also, starting the bike has always been easy except when a friend of my twisted the throttle ever so slightly before I started it. It took me two hours of kicking and then finally a spark plug change to start the bike again. The SECRET, don't give the bike any gas before starting!!!!

I have only done two of the mods, the grey wire cut and removal of throttle stop. I noticed a great improvement from both.

I'm not sure what other bikes you are riding, but I have ridden a CR450F, a CR500, a YZ250, and a KTM520. Not one of these bikes had the same snap as a YZ/WR. My bike already feels fast enough, but I rode a friends 2000 WR400 with new exhaust and all of the mods and it was even faster.

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The header glow is quite normal for everyone with a WR or YZ. Yes...The free mods bring out the fire in these fire breathing dragons. They are well worth the time and effort. You now have access to an invalueable wealth of knowledge concerning the WR/YZ line. There are hundreds of professional mechanics, Pro Riders , and others that are just out to have a good time, Plus retro-riders like myself who are riding and racing as part of our 2nd childhood's. Use the search function if you have questions as their is more data out there than you could ever imagine. If you get stumped by something, don't hesitate to ask.

Welcome....and Merry Christmas.

Bonzai :)

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