Cams/Exhaust on a WR426?

Does anybody have the autodecompression cam on their WR426? What is the best exhaust system to put on it? I am making a christmas list. What other mods should i do?

Hot cams are a bit more bank than the 03 450 cam to get the autodecomp, but if you get both intake and exhaust cams, there's quite a noticable difference. JD jet kit is a must have, too. I runa stock YZ pipe with a PMB insert on my WR. It's a lot cheaper than an aftermarket pipe, weighs a ton less than the stock WR pipe, and opens the breathing up. Zip Ty fuel screw will make adjusting mixture a whole lot easier. Getting your suspension set up for your weight and style is huge, too. YZ tank and seat (or Clark or IMS "YZ" tank and seat if you want to keep 3.4 gal capacity) will help the ergos, and some radiator braces are a good idea as well.

Have fun and merry Christmas!

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