Thinking of buying 01 YZ426??

I'm new to TT. A friend gave me the link to this forum...

I'm a 37 yr old who raced C and B class, 10 yrs ago (CR250). While I have remained an avid motorcycle enthusiast and rider, I have not been in the dirt for some time. My son has a KX80 and I want a bike to ride with him on weekends. I have ridden a couple of 250Fs and an 05 YZF450, and I love the 4 strokes! I wish I had one back in the day!

I've read through this forum extensively, and there seems to be alot of great advice and refference material.

I have not seen this 426 yet, but a friend of mine has it and is said to have little time on it. He is the second owner and does not ride it. I'm pretty sure I could pick this bike up for around 2K. I'm in excellent phys shape and very competitive. Is this a good bike for me, or should I find a 450F around the same price range? My riding pref is MX, but will also do quite a bit of trail riding with the family. My son wants to try a bit of weekend racing at the local MX track (Hidden Valley MX, Tn) and I'm sure I'll want to get back into the C class or +35... Concerns?? Thanks for the advice.

Welcome to TT!

IMO, the 426 is the best all around bike out there. They where made for MX, but they handle trails really well. They are nearly bullet proof and easy to maintain. I love mine!

Your story is almost a mirror image to me .

A year ago I bought a 426 and have sinse ran a few hare scramble and 1 mx with it. It works OK for woods, but I want to get a flywheel weight to tame it a bit. Oh and do the 450 exhaust cam swap it is worth it!

If your deal on the '01 426 doesn't pan out, I've got an '02 for sale. New piston/rings, Hot Cam... ready to go. It has been a great bike, but I got new bike fever awhile back and had to get a new one.

Welcome to TT this place has the best people and great advice. I have had an 02 426 since June 2002 (new) and it has proven to be a truly reliable and great handling bike. Lots of these bikes out and about. If the bike you are considering checks out okay get it if you can agree on agood price. Best of luck!


The 01' 426 is a solid year, a great bike. But as with all bikes each next year seems to be a little better in some way. I still have a 01' 426 and for me the motor is magic. I wouldn't mind if it weighed what this years bike will weigh, or have this years suspension, but I wish I could buy a new frame and take my 426 motor with me. :p If you don't demand the latest and greatest then a 01' 426 in good shape will give you lots and lots of fun.

I forgot to add; right up until I broke my wrist a few months ago, my 426 and I were spanking my friends on their newer and modified bikes on regular occasion. Hopefully I'll be riding again here in the next few weeks and maybe I'll continue the spanking where I left off. :cheers:

I have an '01 426 and I'm still convinced it is one of the funnest bikes out there. The 426 is still a very competitve bike for the vast majority of riders. Like thumpalot said, the motor is magic. It has a great hit that makes things fun, but not scary. These bikes have a reputation for being bullet proof, so if your friend's is in good shape and well maintained, I wouldn't be afraid to pick it up. 2K sounds about right for most parts of the country.

love mine

will never sell it

enough said

Thanks for the advice... I will be back in the states in two weeks and plan to take the bike for a ride. Barring any problems with it, I think it will be a great bike for me. I'll check back in and let you know how it goes. I'm sure I'll have more questions for this group then.:cheers:

my 02' 426 is for sale in the classified section. BIG NADS required. Read why.

Great bike throw a flywheel weight on it and its awsome in the woods

I had a brain fart and sold my 426, but 2 months ago I bought it back and will never part with it again, it is a little heavy, but other than that it is awsome. Handles great and has more than enough power to keep up with the new stuff.

I ride pretty much the same stuff as you, no MX, but lots of hare scrambles and trials.

Get it jetted right, put a flywheel weight on it and have a blast,


i love how it just about has a powerband. i love how it hits like a ton of bricks.

and i havn't had any complaints on my bike and its an 01. i think i will be doing a cam mod on it though.

the 2001 is bullet proof.

I have a 2000 426, and its amazing. Its my first bike, and has Pro Circuit Works suspension, and its absolutely amazing. I just got back from a 5 hour long ride, and hope to get out again next weekend. The bike is extremely reliable, as it starts on 1st kick every time. Its a bit heavy, but not overly so, and that manual decompression is a bit wierd at first, but you get used to it.

I just got a 2000 426. I finally got to take it for a spin yesterday. I went to the Dunes & had a blast in the sand. Spanked my buddy on his 98' Cr250 all day. Except of course when I had to start the damn thing. It was a PITA to start most the day. I did a search on starting tips & hope next time out will be fine. I was just kicking it through the Compression stroke. Think I damn near blew out my knee doing it. After hearing the trick on starting it hopefully I will fare better. I'm also only 5'8 so it stands a little tall for me. Other than that I flat out love it. It screams & I've always lover 4-strokes:thumbsup:

I just got a 2000 426. ... It was a PITA to start most the day. I did a search on starting tips & hope next time out will be fine. I was just kicking it through the Compression stroke. Think I damn near blew out my knee doing it. After hearing the trick on starting it hopefully I will fare better....Other than that I flat out love it.
...and a voice in the darkness said, "do the '03 cam mod...." :cheers:

I have a 2000. It has been a great bike. I'll end up keeping it even when I decide to get a new bike. Do the cam mod and add a powernow to it.:cheers:

For me, Im so used to the manual decomp, and don't feel the need to do the cam mod. I usually just pull the decomp lever, kick it down about 2 inches or so, let it up, release the lever, and give it a hard kick, and it usually start on the first or second one of those., even after a fall.

Can't go wrong with a 426... I had my '01 from the showroom floor up until I sold her in April, not 1 problem mechanically with the bike... Naturally I replaced plastics a few times along with graphics and Sub-Frame but I crash a lot too...

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