crf450x and xr650r future in baja 1000

so henge and mikey are running super far out ahead of the pack i heard 1 hour at check 6 and behind them is bell's crew with kendall. i know bell crashed and kendall rode like 100 miles with a broken wrist. but what do you guys think about the 450x being out in the front and in second place with JC getting on? is this the preverbial changing of the guard?

just asking

I will not read into it until the real off the shelf 450X is a proven bike like the 650R has been. Anyways - Go Honda!!!

yeah i mean their 450x is decked out im sure but so were their 650's, being 1 and 2 off the line helped as well but still to have an hour lead over #2 spot and #3 was 15 minutes behind them with #2 (6xrobbie bell) who crashed and kendall norman riding with a broken wrist ... that's still pretty impressive las t year 1x team only came in i think 15 minutes ahead of andy grider on the ktm?

The reality is that the gap between the bikes is less than the gap between the riders.

As in the Honda red riders are all great riders who would probably win on a z50.

So while it may appear to be a changing of the guard, it's largely great riders.

I would love to know the man hours that's gone into building the CRFX bike. For sure they would have had to have bulletproofed it more (that's asssumed I guess) than the mighty 6fiddy.

Has anyone got a reliable radio feed?

How long till the race is finished?

1X Just went through check 7

the live feed hasn't worked all day i've been checking updates with the district 37 board alot of d37 riders are down there pitting and racing

i am sure honda will put a section in theirwebsite once they win with what they did to it.

Julian - Time to sell that pig and get a real bike.... LOL :cheers:

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