Another '02 WR426 Newbie - Service Manual Question


I'm a newbie here as well. I just sold my 99 KLX300 and bought a new '02 WR426. Its winter here in Colorado and since there's 5" of fresh snow outside I won't get to ride much for a bit.

I have a very dumb question: When I got my bike I got a "owner's service manual". Is there another factory service manual that I'll need in order to do my own wrenching? I normally do all of my own work and when purchasing a new bike the first thing I do is order the factory service manual. I don't expect to have to do a whole lot of wrenching but want to be prepared.

Coming from a KLX300R, and being just a trail rider (not a competitor) I find the WR has a lot of power. In fact, it feels almost as strong as my friends who have XR650R's. Can't wait to get it out for a real ride.



The owners manual is the service manual. That book has an incredible amount of good info in it. It is your bible for your WR.

You need to de-restrict your WR to get the full *fun factor* from your bike. You'll be amazed at the difference that will make.

MX Tuner:

Thanks. My bike was delivered from the dealer

with the air box lid and exhaust insert in a

plastic bag. They handled all of this for me. I

am pretty sure the throttle stop was done as

well but I'm going to ask the setup guy after the

holidays. Since I'm in break in mode for a bit

I'm not sure I'd be revving it out all the way

to the stop.

In Colorado it's very easy to get a tag. The dealer did all the paperwork for me to just drop into the DMV and get my plates. I've got to wire up the rear brake switch and put on an Acerbis

fold up mirror but that's about it here. Very very easy.




Welcome....You will find some really Knowledgeable and friendly people at this site, enjoy!!!!! No question is dumb...If you dont know, do a search or ask. Have a great Christmas.

Pete :)


I'm another CO guy that left a KLX for the WR. You will not be let down. The suspenders and motor are where the 426 bike shines!

Have Fun! (when the snow clears)

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