XR650R Big Gun Exaust

Does anyone have a big gun on their 650R. If so could you please post pictures and your opinion of the "full system" (headers also). Especially a close up picture of the tubes leaving the head. Thanks, Tommy

It's your $, but the Big Gun system has had the reputation of one of the worst built systems for quite some time. They simply fall apart. Also, headers will move your power to the mid-high RPM range, and the low end torque will be noticeably softer. It's a RUSH when you are riding at 3/4+ throttle, but it makes the bike a bit boring for lesser throttle positions which is where you are MOST of the time on a 650 unless you are in the desert. Look at White Bros., FMF, Pro Circuit, Leo Vince, Akrapovic, Staintune etc... before you buy a Big Gun. If you still like the Big Gun after looking at the others, then go for it. Good luck.

I went with Big Gun and later learned of the issues posted about it. So I'm going to run this unil it falls apart, but so far so good and I am satisfied with it. It's a tight but clean fit around the motor. The header stays behind the down tube of the frame unlike the stock header. I protected a couple of the radiator hoses that come close to the exhaust.

Check out the xrs only exhaust system its all stainless and very well made, and you get a boost from the bottom end up, well designed.

The big gun is made of mild steel (rust) and aluminum and from what I have seen is near impossible to get it to line up correctly.

PM me I can tell you where you can get the xrs only pipe for 15% off retail, if your interested, good luck!


I have had the Big Gun full system for a little over two years without any problems. Not a whole lot of riding, though.

If nothing else, I like how the header portion wraps around. Install was ok; everything needs to be loosely installed, aligned, then tightened up.


03 XR650R with Edelbrock/Big Gun

05 Busa

Not that I am trying to defend Big Gun here (I have a full stainless XR's Only system), but they have changed the design of their pipes recently to the new EVO design and no longer offer the ceramic coated headpipes. Maybe the ceramic coating played into the destruction of that headpipe? But those are some very ugly pictures!

Like I said, I have a full stainless XR's Only system. I'm sure that it is a little heavier than something that is aluminum (and FMF doesn't offer us a Ti-Q), but with the whole thing welded together as one piece, I know that it will be durable!

Ive been running the big gun since Ive had the bike in 2000, and have never had a problem with it. It fit easily, just have to read the directions when you install it, leaving it all lose before you tighten it up.

I ride with 6 other xr650's all with the big gun exhaust and not one has ever had a problem, and we have never had any rust on any of them. I personally think that they are a good pipe, and do ride all desert so I like it being a mid/top pipe.

Clicking on the website doesn't do a whole lot except show that it has problems on a KLR for some reason. But like I said out of all of us that run it for the desert we've never had a problem and I'm pushing a little over 10k miles on my bike.

I have one on my L, it's JUNK!!!! :worthy: It was on my bike when I bought it, but I'd NEVER EVER buy this pipe again. Screws rattled out, it's rusting, the core melted. JUNK.Thread about my Pipe and other's experiences

Email them and see the response.

I asked a simple question on the options and the guy treated me like crap. :lol:

He told me that the only thing about a pipe that matters is quality, warranty, and performance. Design is not, evidently.

But after doing some searching, I see that quality and warranty dont go int he same sentence as big gun.

So....tell me again why I should buy your pipe?:confused:

I recently went through the MAZE of purchasing an exhaust. Ended up with a full system Jardine RT4 which are on clearance, ss header with alum. muff. for $295.

Will post on installation when it gets here.

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