wr450 crank nut come off

i had a lot of alloy in my oil filter on my 03 wr 450 so i went looking for it when i pulled

the crank cover off the right side i found that the crank nut had come off and had miled out part of the cover so much that the circlip and alloy washer that hole's the oil seal in place were sitting lose on the crank shaft.

So i found the crank nut (3) the oil seal (19) the alloy washer (20) the circlip (21) all sitting on the crank shaft BUT were was the the locking washer(2) for the crank nut as they can not slide off the crank because it goes into the cover and if the locking washer was there the nut would not have come off at all, and all the metal that i had found was alloy because none of it would pick up with a magnet. Has anyone else had a crank with out a locking washer



I had a bad rattle noise coming from my clutch area on my 03 wr450. My crank nut was also lose. Luckily my lock washer was on holding the nut in place.

yeah that's what i'm saying went and seen the dealer they said there going to ring yamaha thanks

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