Quiet Tip for R4 Exhaust

I have a white brothers R4 Exhaust and I'm trying to find a quiet tip insert for it. Has anyone found one for this pipe? Will the bike pass as it is?


Good luck trying to find the quiet insert. Since this can was discontinued some time ago, that may be a very difficult part to find.

There is no way on earth that an R4 will pass any kind of a sound test on a 650R. That is why I got rid of mine. It was well over 100db. I sold mine on e-bay a while ago, and I sold the quiet insert with it.

will the insert make it pass sound test?

On a good day, with the wind blowing the right direction, and a $20 slipped in the Ranger's pocket, then maybe. That thing was still pretty loud with the WB insert that was made for it. If it was 96db, it was on the high side of 96db. I'd never sound tested mine with the insert. It ran like crap with the insert in it, and still wasn't all that quiet, so I sold it and went a different route.

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