XR650R electrics

Could anyone tell me if the CDI unit and ac regulator that sits under the seat are identical in the UK spec bike compared to the US spec, or are they wired differently. What I’m looking to do is convert the US bike to UK spec by ‘plugging in’ a uk spec loom into the existing US spec CDI and AC Reg. I have the uk stator so no problem there, but don’t know if the plug connections coming FROM the CDI and Reg are wired the same to allow a straight forward ‘plug in’ to the UK loom. Hope this make sense to someone…!!!!

PS I’m not v good on electrics and have read various post on stator rewinds etc but totally baffled how this fits with existing electrics, so don’t want to even go there, however if someone has a foolproof idiots guide to getting standard switchgear (hi/lo,indicators,horn) working on US spec then please let me know!

I believe the UK spec bike has a regulator/rectifier combo, and *maybe* a small battery or large capacitor? The rectifier allows for DC voltage to the turn signals, horn etc... The US bike only has a regulator, (AC voltage) for the headlight/taillight. Tympanium is the most common aftermarket regulator/rectifier available here in the US. It is found on almost ALL US made dual sport/street legal kits.

The UK spec bike also has a higher output stator, nothing significant, but it will allow a 55W headlight. The stator is the same, just that there is a different wind on the UK bike. So you can rewind you alternator to meet or surpass the specs of the UK stator.

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