Baja 1000 ... Who Won?!?

Also, there's the "Factory-paid, pro-rider, Pre-run-til-you-get-it-right" factor to consider. Buying and modding the bike is pobably less than 25% of the total investment Honda made for this year's 1000.

One idea popped into my fertile mind: Honda may just be buying time with the X. If in fact they are axing the 650R next year, AND are not yet ready with the "mystery bike", then flaunting their might with the 450 ("nah-nah-noo-noo, we-beat-you-hoo") would cover a bunch of bets:

- the 450's desert reliability and capability,

- Honda's ability to campaign a "small" thumper and still win

- set the stage for "if you think the 450 is capable, lookie at the new big-bore we just released..."

So the 450X carries (flaunts) the crown for a year and then along comes the new CRF "big-brother". Think of the buildup press that would allow.

Maybe Honda is prepping the stage for a serious Paris-Dakar factory attempt:

Maybe, maybe not. My fertile brain has been wrong before.

Cool idea though.

(Less than 1% of the investment I'd imagine. Salaries, insurance, travel, lodging, etc. Honda has probably already started the work for next year.)

i am pretty bummed about the 650r losing but i kinda expected it. even if the teams that were running the 650 were on 450's or vise versa they just didn't have the speed to win...

anybody wanna trade a plated 650 for a 450 ha ha ha

got one...wanna trade? No really....

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