need Help

i have a wr450 with the mods and a gytr pipe. when i give it gas of the idle the bike stalls. any suggestions.

that could be 100 things! you need to be WAY more specific about the problem, what has been done, and bikes background.

bring it to a shop! or take a motorcycle mechanics course.

Do a search for bog or off idle bog, you'll find tons of info. You have jetting issues. Look into the leak jet, maybe needle position.

This seems to be a common problem from what I perceive. If your pilot circuit, needle and main jet are dialled this bog should only be evident at snapping the throttle really quickly at idle and not in actual riding circumstances. Some guys have samller leakjets and different accelerator pump covers or stiffened up the link on the accelerator pump. Do some searching, you will be surprised what you find.:cheers:

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