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Newby - Skid Plate? WC Frame Guards? Tank?

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More newby questions from the fellow who just sold

the KLX300R and got an '02 WR426.

Q1: I had the aluminum Works Connection guards

on my KLX. I'm trying to find them for the 02

WR426. Could I assume that parts that are listed,

on say, the Baja Designs page, for a WR400 will

fit my '02 WR426? Or, do I need to look around

to find specific WR426 parts. I guess I'm asking

is if a lot of the YZ400/WR400 parts are the

same as the WR426?

Q2: Skid plate. I live in Colorado and go to Moab

a lot. Very rocky. I'd like to toss the stock

skid plate and get a nice, heavy duty metal

one (no CF for me). Moose? Any specific

recommendations? Again, will WR400 parts fit?

Or, do most think the OEM stuff is fine?

Q3: What kind of gas mileage (mpg) do WR426's

get? The new 02 has a 3.2 gallon tank. What

kind of total miles per tank would I get if I'm

a serious trail rider, but not racing? My old

KLX only got around 35 mpg and I have no idea

yet what the WR will do. If I want to go around

the White Rim Trail in Moab, at 109 miles

minimum, is the stock 3.2 going to cut it or

do I need to go to IMS for the 4.0?

Just got off the Scotts Performance web site where

I dropped some serious $$$ on a Scotts triple

clamp, pro-taper, damper combo. Had a damper

on the KLX and really liked it. Have never

had a Pro Tapers before but the way Scott's

prices things its cheaper to get the full combo

than not. Looking forward to this but it was

mondo $$$



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Yes, virtually all YZ parts fit the WR. And almost all the 98-99 WR parts fit a 02. There are exceptions-such as Scott's mounting bracket, triple clamps, brake disks, etc. Dunno about frame guards, though I'm willing to bet they all fit. I would ask on the forum if a particular older labled part will fit if you're unsure. The more you learn about the bike the easier it will be to know if a part will fit or not.

I use the Moose skid plate. Seems strong to me, but I don't hit rocks like Moab-just smaller east coast stuff. The fit is good, price is right, and it does the trick.

Right around 24 mpg on a'oo WR400 is what I get. I don't think a stock tank can make 109mile trail ride. I'm thinking 80-85 miles max-more if it's fast open terrain, less if it's extremely techical/slow.

Best wishes, and enjoy the Blue Beast!

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I thought the stock glide plate was fine. The first out,I got into rocks. I now have a nice dent in the frame on the bottom of my 01 WR. I ordered the WC frame gaurds and skid plate. They fit great.(no mods or holding your tongue in the right position to get them on) The only problem I have is with the skid plate. It only covers about half of the frame tube. If I had to do again I would look for a skid plate with more coverage. Yamaha offers one that is $74.95, 3/16" thick, it has the side skirts that cover the front. Fits 98-02 YZ-WR PN:YZR-5BF34-00-AL

Hope this helps


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The Yamaha Skid plate and the White Brothers Skid plate are made by the same manufacturer for both companies. You can get it for less by calling JEFF at MX SOUTH (561) 743-3288. I would go with the aluminum frame guards rather than the blue plastic ones. The plastic scratch's easily and the dirt grinds into them. The aluminum ones can be buffed out with a piece of steel wool or mag wheel polish.

My 2 Cents....

Bonzai :)

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