To change or not to change.. (piston rings)

Hi ya fellas!

Just bought a -05 450F YZ with 35 hours on it (unfortunately not sure about those hours and don't know anything of it's service history). I'm about to change the timing chain and I'm concidering to change the piston rings too. I allready have the rings and gaskets so the costs won't rise, but is it worth the work that it will take? The bike looks quite good and I believe those hours are right.

I concider my self as a intermediate rider and I have to apologise my bad english cause I'm from Finland. Thank you for your answers!

I would go ahead and replace the cam chain, but save the rings for later. Unless the bike has been thoroughly beaten like an unwanted stepchild's dog, the rings are nowhere near needing replacement.

ok, that's just what I wanted to hear :cheers: Thanks for your reply.

I have a 2000 426 with lots of hours, I have replaced the piston and rings

when I took it apart it was like new. I mic'd everything and was fine. I replaced

the timing chain and tensioner, bottom line is I'm still riding it 6 years later

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