young rider with a wr426

Once again, my son is looking at some different bikes he wants. He saw a post of a 426 that was all fixed up and it was converted to sm. So, now he is hooked on it. And he wants to have enough power to keep up with me goin up to the mountains. He is 16 about 5'8 155lbs. Tell me what you guys think!


Your son if 5'8" 155lbs...a WR426 is more than enough power stock to ride straight up a telephone pole in 4th gear. I'm 6' 240lbs and I got more power than I know what to do with (YZ426), and I used to race in the mtns and deserts of SouCal. What are you on, meaning: What does he have to keep up with?

If he knows how too ride but it might be a little heavy for him.I am 6'0 215 love the power lots of it.I have all the free mods and some that were not free.

Well, i havent really approved of it. My friend has a yz426 and it has all sorts of power. Plus there huge( but with converting it to a supermoto he would lower it) but I really dont know if its right for him. I let him ride my suzuki ds 650 on one of the local sm tracks. And he rides it pretty good. But i dont think it has as much power as the 426 does. If this is to big what should i encourage to get him instead?

YZ or WR250F. Haven't seen it SM'd yet, but ought to be a good ride. Won't keep up w/ the DR 650 though, maybe. I think the 426/450 won't be too big for him, maybe a little overwhelmed at first, but he'll get used to it fine. 5'8" 155 lbs standing next to me is a small dude, but if you look at all the racers, its right in the middle.

I've been away from riding for 20 years, and am just getting back into it the past year or so. From my experience, I was 14 when i got my first 250 it was an IT250, i grew out of it 6 months later and needed to upgrade to an IT465, but i was also 6'3" 250lbs. I now ride a WR426 and i love the bike, and it has plenty of power almost to damn much seeing that I have left finger imprints on the grips. Personally I would probably consider getting him the WR250, and do the free mods and pipes. But that is my opinion, i would hate to see your son get hurt on this monster. I remeber being young and dumb. Go luck and Ride Safe

I just want him to have fun, and not get hurt. He just wants a bike that can be a supermoto and be street legal at the same time. But thanks alot for the replys. please keep going with the recomendations.

Thanks guys.

I think a super moto Wr 426 in the street would be fun but crazy especially for a teenager.I know how I would have road it in the street as a teen.Are you sure you don't want him to get hurt I don't think i would want him riding that thing on pavement.Two words WHEELIE MACHINE

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