04' kickstart occasionally locks up

My 04', (450) once in a blue Moon, will "lock-up" when kickstarting. What I mean is that on occasion, when kicking her over, the kickstarter will only go so far and then lock -up. I then usually have to put it in gear, and rock it a little too break her loose. It then will work perfectly.....

My buddies 03' does the same exact thing on occasion also.....

I'm assuming it has something to do with the auto-decompression. Do you guys have any tips to prevent this??? I've heard it's better to kick these 450's over slowly, with a full push of the kickstarter, rather than 2 stroke-like with short, fast kicks. Any help appreciated.


They do start easier going up to top dead center and then an easy kick through, boots will last longer as well. I am not sure if it will prevent the locking that you described. My buddy and I both have 04's and that happens once in a while to both bikes. Not very often though.

If you search this topic you will find many other threads addressing this issue

Thanks for the help guys......

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