changing oils????

I am currently using YamaLube 4R in my '06 YZ450F and I am contemplating switching to Amsoil 10W40. Anyone have any ideas about switching oils? Should I change the oil and filter and run the engine and then change the oil again?? The bike has about 15 hours on it and I have changed the oil with the YamaLube after every ride. Thanks for the help in advance!

You will be fine... If you have the extra oil doing another oil change wouldn't hurt. But you would be fine with one... just make sure you get all of the existing oil out and change the oil filter.

Just do your oil change as usual. You should always either change or clean the filter with each oil change, anyway. The two oils are 100% compatible with each other.

I havent gone to the Scott's filter yet but that is on my list after suspension mods.

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