losing fuel mixture screw!

xr650l. I have lost one mixture screw already. I dont want to lose another. It seems that when the tab is cut off it now enables the screw to rotate freely and then completely out!!! I am trying teflon tape to make it tighter, even stretching out the spring to give it more force. What to do, and where to get another just in case?

i noticed the mixture screw on mine rotating out also, i put a zip tie around the head of it so that the tab of the tie hits the carb body keeping it from coming all the way out.

When I still had my stock carb on I was only running 2 turns out and it was nice and snug. Try a dab of permatex on there.

If its loose, make sure that the spring, metal washer, and o-ring are all in there, and in the right order.


I had a similar problem with my KTM and the only solution is to replace the spring. Over time, the spring looses it's tension and eventually allows the screw to vibrate out. I tried stretching the original spring and it lasted a little longer, but eventually the screw fell out. After I replaced the spring, no more problems.

Yes new spring will do the job

I had similar problems and it help

Unfortunately you cannot order a fuel screw from Honda. The part does not even show on the fiche. Junkyard or new carb seem to be the only options.

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