this will work

I found a oil cooler on ebay off a 1983 honda 650 nighthawk this will work great if you want to set it up like rmhrc630. thats the way i'm doing mine.I paid $23.00 including shipping, and the nice thing is it has the hose barbs on it,Ill have to fab some form of mount on the tripple clamp,but no big deal,I'll post pics when I finish my bike,

I'm going to Italy for 3 weeks to work on a yacht and when I get back I'm going to start the big project.

catch ya

drtlvr :cheers:

Good info there, dude! rmhrc630 has the trickest oil cooler setup I have seen thus far! exellent buy on the cooler! Working on a yacht huh, sounds like fun unless you have to scrub the bilge with a toothbrush!

just say no to the scrubbing thing ,Im going there to do repair work,it's still work but it's in italy,and if your from wisconsin like me 50 degree weather in dec is alot better then -40, the only thing good about the cold is hammering on the ds650 on the ice.

see ya

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