New piston kit!

I finally got my new 101mm 10.5:1 compression Ceramic Coated Piston kit from ...................thats a secret cause it would be advertising! I am so stoked and cant wait for the machine work to get done!!!! I am hope to reduce internal temps a bit with the Ceramic Coated Piston kit. But if you really must know PM me for further info!




I hope you sleeve that cylinder if it still has the original 97mm sleeve My 2 cents

Oops sorry guys I just checked and the sig says xl 600 no prob differnt piston size :cheers:

I would'nt have to resleeve the OEM 100mm until after I go with bigger than 102.5mm kit.

Well the cylinder went to the Honda shop today to get bored out to match my 101mm piston kit, and I am have new helicoils put into the bolt holes that were stripped out in the motor case and the cylinder. So I should be up and running in 2 weeks!!!!! I cant wait to fire this bad boy up! Any tips on break-in for ceramic coated piston???

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