WR 450 Headlight

I have a 04 WR450 and my headlamp stoped working. I just thought my bulb is burned out, but when I took it out the filament look ok. So I wired up the bulb to a battery with test leads and the filament closest to the tip works, but the other filament doesn't work. In the bike, neither filament lights up. Anyone have a clue to this? No, I haven't tested the plug wires yet with the bike running, YET but will so in the morning. My neighbors don't like to hear the rumble at night ;-).

Follow up question to this. Why two filaments? Are they both suppose to work all the time?


My understanding is that both the headlight and tail light are dual filiment bulbs, but only 1 is connected. The one that doesn't work is most likely the one that is wired up.


Ah, so most likely I just need to replace my bulb. The filamet does look intact though, but I will try that in the morning.

In case others are surfing this question. Is he right about only using half of the bulb's potential?

Only low beam is used by default, the other is for high beam. Some guys have put on a switch to be able to use both.

On the back on is driving light and the other is brake light.

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