2003 wr 450 stater up-grade!! Works GREAT!!!

Just received all my parts today for my 03 starter up grade. I had the clunking sound, and starting problems. I ended up replacing the one way starter clutch, starter gear (old clutch chewed it up), 2004 damper assy., 2004 cover, shims ect. I also removed the starter for a good internal cleaning, and replaced the brush set. All I can say is WOW, my starter works now!!! I would like to thank this board and the guys that post these helpful threads. :cheers::p:bonk: .

It was not cheap, but I got a great deal on this 03 I found it was worth the price. Thanks Thumper Talk members... Smitty:thumbsup:

Glad it worked out for you Smitty.:p

TT has been a great resource over the years for the WRs.:cheers:

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