anyone bought an aftermarket tank and had...

Has anyone bought an aftermarket tank and had the seat fit differently on the bike possibly showing gaps and what not? My seat does not fit all that well with my new 5gal. Clarke tank... I also thought that maybe its not the original seat to the bike as well... But has anyone encountered this problem before?

More often than not a different than stock tank causes some fitment issues with the seat. Usually more due to appearance than fucntion. If it is too bothersome you can reshape the seat a bit by unstapling the cover & re-stretching it to the contour of the new tank. A heat gun will greatly help when doing this. You can go as far as reshaping the seat pan with the heat gun to allow it to bend in the shape you want then replace the pad then re-staple the cover. Takes a bit of patience but can be done.

I have a 95 xr600 with the same clark tank and have gaps between the seat and the tank. My stock tank was a better fit. You can see my bike in my garage. Since I'm new to this site I'm not sure how to post anything yet.

Here's a picture of mine


I've got a clark tank and a corbin seat on mine,you would'nt believe the gaps it's got.

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