04 WR450 dialed in

I have owned an 04 wr450 for about 2 years, I thought I had a dialed in. I was running a 170 main, 48 pilot, twinair power flo airfilter. since my bike is an 2004 model I just removed the baffle and the pipe is wide open. I did not even know about the air box mods untill reading this site, also from reading in this site I picked up a JD jetting kit and a zipty fuel screw. To sum it all up I am now running a 170 main,48 pilot,JD red niddle on the #5 clip position, zipty fuel screw 2 1/2 turns out. I have done the air mods, the right side cut outs removed and the snorkel is removed. I am still running the twinair power flo set up and my exhaust is still open. the bike absolutly ripps!!!! :p

this web site kicks butt!!!!!!!!!!

thank you everybody :cheers:

What are your riding conditions? (temp, alt.)

I think you spoke out for a lot of us here,

TT rocks...

i hope that you've done the grey wire mod - and if you haven't, there's more to come !!

What are your riding conditions? (temp, alt.)

I'm up in colorado, I ride mostly 5,000 to 9,000ft. the temp this time of year on a day your able to ride is between 40-60 degees

i hope that you've done the grey wire mod - and if you haven't, there's more to come !!

Yes I disconected the grey wire the 3rd day I owned the bike, that made a big difference. Like I said I thought I had it dialed, I just missed the air box and the JD jetting kit.

I didn't know the potential of my 06 WR450 until reading the things on this site that could be done.....I have done about all the mods explained in the "performance mods" thread at the top and continue to get tidbits of good suggestions....This is a great site....my bike rips also.

Consider getting a Pro Circuit Type 496 pipe. Bad-ass power.

where is

the greywire i have yet to find it

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