07's Showing up In B.C.

Got My New Ride Last night!

Thanks to Kelowna Yamaha For the great Service.



Nice! You're going to love it.

Hell yea your going to love it, its an amazing bike.

how come yamaha is the last bike builder to come out with there bikes every year.

I just called again today,,, not in. :cheers::p:bonk:

Got 1 hr 10 min on the bike, sweet and sick, the bike is wicked, i'll never go back to a 250 again. Bike ran good , no bog , thinking of trying a 165 mj tommorrow.

5 degrees here @ 3000 ft.

sweet bike, just got an 06 and I'm equally as excited. I saw your ride with the Red/Black YZ graphics kit at the track and it really looks like. Since you are from Canada, even better. Just thought I'd share. Ride on.:cheers:

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