Enduro Eng Brushguards - mounting

I've had the End Eng handguards for a while now. I just got the big plastic brushguards that mount inside the handguard. It came with a drill bit, washers and self taping screws...but no instructions. How do I mounts these? Do I set the brushguard inside, mark it, then drill? If so, then how far to drill? All the way through? Does anyone have a picture of the inside of one of these mounted?



I just drilled through the metal guards using the plastic as a guide. I drilled all the way through the metal, tapped the holes, and bolted them on. Should work the same I WOULD THINK.

Jekel, did you fill the holes with anything? I guess that shouldn't matter...

The pictures on End Eng website show no holes on the outside of the handguard. That makes a nice clean look, but I don't know how far to go in...I just want this install to come out looking good.


If you don't want the holes to go all the way through the handguard. Put a washer and screw together and put them into a brushguard and measure what's sticking out/through. Then mark this distance on your drill bit with some tape and only drill the hole till the tape touches. That will be the proper depth for the self tapper :)


I found that the washers they give you in the package were not thick enough unless you double them up, but then you won't have enough washers to go around. What I did was use SAE #10 flat-washers from Home Depot doubled up. Use the suggestion from Bill on screw depth. The installation is clean and very strong. Good luck if ya haven't completed the install yet.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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