Clarke 4.3 IMS 4.6 with a Scotts damper 650RR

Will either of these tanks and a damper be happy together?

I have the IMS 4.6. Don't have a damper but took some measurements for you. The tank sits 1/2" behind the oil dipstick knob at the base & tapers back rearward at about an 8 degree angle which gives about a 2 1/4" clearance between the front of the tank level across to the base of my Pro Taper bars between the clamps on my stock triple clamp with the wheel pointed straight. Hope that helps without being too confusing.

I have the Clarke 4.3 with a Scott's triple clamp for 1-1/8" bar. all fits well. On the right and left steering stops the triple clamp touches the tank by so little (maybe 0.010" or less) it does not need be addressed.

I modded the setup to have the Scotts unit mount under the bar and for that the unit also has to mount in reverse. You also have room for that.

(it you do this one you need to cut the dipstick out of the oil fill plug, so you need to do the oil sight)


With the Scotts submount and a BRP triple clamp there are no clearance issues with a Clarke 4.3 tank. The link arm of the stabilizer just clears my Electrex light.


On my KLX 650R I have the same ? Scotts told me to measure from the center of steering stem to tank, if I remember right I need 40mm of clearence.

I'll go ahead and get that new tank.


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