I swear the stump moved!!!

I clipped my front caliper and broke the mount today. What a pain in the a$$. Anyone have a caliper mount that they want to part with....or an oversized?


Damn stump sorry to hear about the damage, have you tried ebay theres always parts floating arround on there.

Good Luck!



A good custom welding shop could fix that.

i did the same thing on my bike, but on a rock, jb weld held good enough to keep me riding, i took one off my buddies down bike, but now hes starting to fix his bike so i will need to give it up soon, the best i could find, was either e bay or a bike salvage yard or something, or u can get it from the yami dealer, but u have to get the whole caliper and its like $198.00 bucks.

do you have the piece that broke off , it may be able to be welded????

do you have the piece that broke off , it may be able to be welded????

No the piece is next to my pride.....which is next to the stump. :cheers: Those damn beavers are going to die! :bonk:

I think I might as well just order an oversized rotor kit...it seems like a good enough excuse. :p There are a couple complete 2005 calipers online, but there could be some alignment issue (per Gray, thanks). Then I'll wait for an '06 caliper to surface on ebay.

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