really need help

Well I was at the buddscreek practice today and planned on racing tomorrow till someone jumped on top of me during a practice session. Demolishing the subframe, exhaust right footpeg broke in half and broke the rear master cylinder in half. Those are just the major things torn up. The bike is a 2007 YZ450f se, 2hours onit. Can anyone please tell me which bikes and years are interchangeable for these parts. Or if there are cheaper aftermarket ones. So far stock im looking at 159 for the peg, 323 for subframe, and 122 for master cylinder. This is from Yamaha. I found some stuff on ebay but dont know what year bikes are interchangeable. REALLY need some help on this. Thanx alot to all that help.

For the most part, only the '06 stuff will interchange with the '07.

WhiteYZ: Sorry to hear about your problem. Sounds like you are OK even though your bike is not.

I ran the old Litespeed 57mm wide footpegs (steel version) on my 06 YZ450F and I think you can get a set for $99 (only a few onces heavier than the stock ti ones buy much tougher). Not sure about the other parts you need.

sorry to hear about the wreck.I would get the aftermarket pegs for the bike.They will be wider and a lot cheaper.As far as the other parts i would keep shopping for the best price on oem stuff.You would be surprised by how much the price differs on the stuff.Some of the cheapest oem stuff that i was told about was at

they don't have listing for the 2006 or 2007 models yet.

AC or ARC dont remember wich one makes after market alum sub frames for much less than OEM.

I cant seem to find any aftermarket sub frames for a 2006 or 2007. Found a set of oem pegs on ebay for 70. I get 20% from the local yamaha dealer for running their stickers on the bike so that helps alittle. Thanx for the help guys.

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