RE: Help removing stock 06 speedo drive

Hey guys, I removed my stock 06 wr450 speedo, it's a great unit but I want a tach, I bought an aftermarket Vapor and I want to sell the stock head unit. However most people want the drive unit to go with it, I thought I could just put a YZ spacer in the right hand front wheel to replace this drive, but i was told the wheels and everything is different up there. What options do I have?


a yz spacer from another year {same style front forks as your year wr} would work. or just grab your "ruler" and have one made up.

I was thinking on putting a spacer from an 05 YZ, are they the same as the 06 WR's? one problem though, i tried to find the speedo drive on yamaha with the 06 and it don't show it, only one for the 05 which i think is mechanical, Wanted to make sure i was just swappig out that part for the equivilent spacer from the yz but i cna't find it.

below is the 06 WR pic (with no speedo drive in sight)


Awesome, just what i was looking for.... I hope it fits my 06 as in the description it says it replaces mechanical odometer drives, not the electric one like on my 06... I want to be sure before ordering it.

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