Testing of spark?

Hi I have a brand new WR450-06 that will not start.

Got it from the dealer on monday, didn´t start so i decided to charge the battery properly.

Next try was at friday night and i managed to start it after changing the spark plug, i had it running for about 5 minutes in the garage.

Today i was planning to break it in but it didn´t start again, no spark on a brand new spark plug. I tested the spark the classic way grounding the plug on the outside of the engine while cranking it over i also tried the kick starter with the same result.

Now my questions is it harmful for the cdi unit to test for spark this way?

Is it common with cdi failure on theese bikes?

Should i get a spark when i kick start with a low battery?

Should the headlight be shining up when i use the e-start?

regards Joakim

The headlight is powered directly from the alternator. (no run, no light) As long as the red light is lit by the ignition button, you should have power to start the bike. I bought mine used and the first time I tried to start it on my own, it just drained the battery down. I have found it much easier to start it using the kick start method. These bikes are set very lean from the factory and are a bit finiky till you get used to the routine and have the jetting right. Make sure the fuel is turned on and the choke button pulled. On a cold start you probably need to twist the throttle a few times (it has an accelerator pump in the carb) and then give it a few good kicks. If nothing happens, give it a few more twists and kick again. If it is still not firing, you may have given it too much gas, so hold the throttle wide open while kicking it 5 or 6 times. If you have spark and gas, somewhere in this process, it should start to fire. If your bike is brand new, make sure you read the jetting stickies. It will make the starting much better. Unless I mess up now, I rarely need more than 2 kicks. My battery is on its last leg so I dont try the e-start unless I really need it.

Good luck,



Would you know if i need to rejet my 05 wr450? I have changed the exhaust insert to the pro moto billet silent insert, thats the only mod. I wanted to make sure im not running to lean. My first bike, cant eve3n seem to see the sparg plug to see if im running lean, how invloved is gettign to it?



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