XR600R running temp.

Well my project bike was pretty much completed today, well at least enough to ride it. My main question is do these motors usually run pretty warm (I should say hot) and get up to a warm operating temp pretty quick?... Maybe its just me, Ive been used to the liquid cooled bikes too long, I am a newb pig owner... Let me know thanks!

I would imagine less the 300* but somewhere around 230*-260* I would think to be operating temp???:cheers: I am ording my XR's Only oil dipstick temp guage and will definitely keep watch over the temps during break in on my new rebuild! I could be wrong about the temps though. So wait to see what other 600 owners say.

My 650L runs about 230 on average,sometimes a little hotter in the somer on single track. i know its not exactly the same motor.

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