Xr650r Acceleration?

I am strongly considering an Xr650r (prefererably used). That has been uncorked. For those of you who have ridden WR450's and or CRF450X's previously...how does the 650 unrestricted compare?

I've spent several years on a WR but looking for a less expensive yet strong pulling bike. I am 6'4" 240 more like 250 with riding gear. So plenty of power on hand is what I prefer.

Also I will consider the 680 kit at some point...does this affect reliability? How much stronger does this mod feel?

Ever seen USD forks on an XR can it be done? How out dated is the suspension?

I'd appreciate the input. I have yet to see a guy who owns an XRR not absolutely delighted with the bike.

You appear to be a good sized fellow from the cow tipping capital of the world... wide open terrain with mud, snow and lots of fun to be had... Seems like a "No Brainer" to me. Get XR650R. Why consider the 680 kit if you would even consider a smaller bike? Just my 2 cents...

get the 650R i have one i also have a 600R the 650 run circles around the 600 u will need to uncork it and have the jetting done, I'v run from reno to vegas and love the power clocked it close to 98 mph in the open sespension will also need to be tuned for you weight

The 650R will hand a 450s it ass to it! The power is way different and way more useable, where the R builds strong low and pull all the way the 450s have more of a midrange blast with no traction....

Welcome to Thumpertalk, CDRETZKA , What makes you think the XR's suspension is out dated....


I have ridden a yz450f and i own a uncorked xr650r. Just from riding them both you would say the yz450f FEELS faster. When we draged on pavment we stay even until 80mph when the yz tops out. When on dirt i hook up better and pull several lengths before he tops out.

I bought a used xr400r and rode if for about 6 months. Good bike but I felt and looked like an adult on a kids bike. I am about the same size as you are.

Ended up buying a new xr650r. Very happy with it, but it is a handfull on single tracks if you endo off the trail and have to pull it back up by yourself. When upright the additional weight isn't that noticeable. I put a 4 gallon tank on it and that helped handling because it provides a place to grip with your legs through technical stuff. Note that the 650 comes stock with a tank about the same capacity as the 400 - go figure.

Uncorking is an absolute must or you'll never be happy with it.

Found a 2003 new still at dealer...never set-up yet (fluids & battery). $4150 plus tax. Is this a good deal?

What will it cost to uncork. Must I brake-in first?

Found a 2003 new still at dealer...never set-up yet (fluids & battery). $4150 plus tax. Is this a good deal?

What will it cost to uncork. Must I brake-in first?

$4150 for an '03 is a great deal. They are the same bike as an '07.

Uncorking = manifold, main & pilot jets, needle, airbox mod & exhaust tip (HRC or modify your existing one). It's cheap, under a hundred bucks if you do it all yourself. No, you don't need to break it in first - it'll run fine uncorked & just follow the owner's manual.

Have fun. You'll love the bike.

I just did what you're talking about. I just took my first ride on an uncorked 650R that I just bought it used. I know the guy who sold it to me...so it was a no-brainer.

I love this bike. I also own a CRF..but these XRs are a different ride. Today I rode everything from tight singletrack, to double track, to wide open fire roads. It handled everything better than the CRF would have. It's just a different tool for the job. Great bikes.

Found a 2003 new still at dealer...never set-up yet (fluids & battery). $4150 plus tax. Is this a good deal?

What will it cost to uncork. Must I brake-in first?

If it needs a battery it's an L

1. I emphasize what msharp just posted: "if it needs a battery, its an XR650L". We're all talking about an XR650R, in this thread.

2. Re the 450, it is a very competent bike, no question but its power delivery is significantly different than the 650R. The 650R is different from the 450, in much the same way as the 450 is different from the 250.

3. I am your size. I COULD ride a 450 but I am much happier and much more confident and capable on my 650R.

4. Uncorking is about the most satisfying and uncomplicated fun you can have with wrenches.

5. If that bike at the dealer is an "R" that is an excellent price. Tell me who the dealer is and I'll save you the worry of whether to buy it or not... I'll buy it... :-))

I stand corrected...no battery. I used to be in the business and freight and set-up always loosely meant fluids and battery added and charged. This a 2003 XR650R.

Is the pumper carb a worth while mod? There is one on ebay for $350 or so. Does is add significant power midrange wise?

Yes, the Edelbrock Quicksilver is worth it, imho. Not for any significant increase in mid-range, though some claim a few HP. What its benefits include are:

- simpler, more certain starting routine, particularly much reduced tendancy to flood if laid down.

- being a pumper, when you whack the throttle it is next to impossible to make the engine stumble, the response is close to instantaneous.

- simplified re-tune for changes in conditions (elevation, exhaust tips, etc)

Re price, my strong recommendation is to make certain whoever you get yours from make sure they pre-set it to your bike's state of tune, e.g., if your bike is uncorked (or soon to be) tell them so, and to what degree. Reputable suppliers will set the carb up in advance with the correct needle, position, etc. This isn't a life or death issue, but getting the carb already dialed in just makes things a bit simpler. You can do it yourself, no big deal, if you find a good price on eBay. Just keep in mind the saying, "Buyer beware."

Acceleration my xr650r when uncorked had more out of corners than my mates mildly hopped up 06 wr450f,you know a couple of feet jump out of corners into the straight he could brake later so sorta nill all draw but once i had the lead i was gone.

After i modded my 650 a bit with a stage 2 and suspension mods it destroys the wrf badly.

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